Monday, July 9, 2007

The cast of characters

It feels like something momentous should be written here, as a beginning to this venture into blogging. At the very least it seems that it should be charming, witty, captivating, or at the very least well-written. Alas, for this first post I shall stick to basic cast of characters...

I live in big city Canada (that is *not* an oxymoron) with my busy husband, GreatG, who works in communications. In my pre-baby life I was a workaholic in the publishing industry. Now, I am a recent-ish new mother to The Peanut, now nearly 9 months old. I'm currently at home on maternity leave, and after several months (okay, many months) of sleep deprivation I have finally pulled my head out of the sand and joined the incredible community of online women.

What will this blog will be about? A bit of everything I hope. Pretty much anything is fair game.

So, if you're reading this... welcome!

The Peanut


Her Bad Mother said...

Welcome to YOU!

You'll like it here, I think. We're all a little bit crazy, but a lot kind, and a lot smart, and a lot funny.

I think that I can speak for most denizens of the blogosphere, or at least the momosphere, in saying that we're glad you joined us.

The Blithe Babbler said...

Thanks HBM for the very warm welcome!

Alison said...

Kudos on making the leap - and admiration for putting yourself out there.

Happy Writing!


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