Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the dead of night

2 a.m. The Peanut is restless - whimpering, crying and disconsolate. Swiftly, she is brought into our room by Daddy.

Gently laid down beside me, she clutches lovey-bunny. Her eyes are shining with tears, but she has stopped crying. She looks at me and sighs deeply, her expression one of the deepest gratitude for being rescued from whatever disturbance lurked in her crib this night of nights. She turns her head to look at Daddy and sighs deeply. Then turns back to me, reaches out with her free hand, and places it oh-so-gently on my cheek. And with that gentle touch, with physical connection restored, her eyelashes flutter and she drifts off to sleep.

And just like that, a memory has been created. For although the Peanut has slept with us many times before, and likely will many times again,
this sigh, this touch, this final thankful look grip my heart and the moment is frozen for ever.


kgirl said...

So so sweet.

There are many times when I'll close my eyes and think, 'Please, let me remember this.'

Jennifer said...

Those moments are so very addictive. Allison loves to play with my hair and I love for her to do it. I will miss that when she grows out of that stage.

P.S. Thank you for the shout out on your page! It's great!

Her Bad Mother said...

Those moments *are* so, so precious. Beyond precious. Timeless.


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