Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Harry...

Oh Harry. How I've enjoyed watching you grow up, how I've watched you evolve from the precocious boy who grabbed the Philosopher's Stone to the often sullen, angry boy fighting the great Voldemort. How you've amused me, scared me, tickled me. Oh, and your friends too... the sweet, but slightly daft Ron, the most excellent and brainy Hermione (who, really, I would love to be best friends with). But I have a confession.

I'm ready for your story to come to an end.

I've spent hours re-reading your story in preparation for the upcoming final installment. Then again, all my reading these days seems to revolve around you as you are in every newspaper, on most blogs, in the magazines.
Your most recent movie was also released, so even the gossip pages are about you. Even TV isn't safe these days as you infiltrate newscasts. Really, you are reaching a critical mass of overexposure, dearest Harry.

So this is why I'm ready for your story to end. I'm looking forward to picking up and reading a non-Harry book. I have stacks of reading I'm behind on as I reacquaint myself with your story in preparation for July 21. I'm looking forward to the book reviews and articles featuring literature to not be about you. I'm even looking forward to not seeing your face in my gossip pages.

Goodbye Harry... It's been fun.


Alison said...

Ha - so true. Initially a great fan of the books, I find myself wondering if I even care what happens in the end. Only that little part of my brain that always has to know "what happens?!" is still interested.

Not that Harry doesn't serve a valuable purpose. On a recent trip to ChIndigo, I saw shelf upon shelf of fantastic books by fabulous writers, piled under the signpost What to Read After You Read Harry Potter! If even a fraction of readers, young and old, move on to more and more of these great reads, I think that all the hype will be worth it.

bubandpie said...

I didn't do the pre-release re-read that so many others were doing - and I think I'm glad. I loved every minute of The Deathly Hallows, and now I'm itching to go back and re-read knowing what I do now, and seeing how everything ties together.


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