Thursday, July 12, 2007

One of those days

So, today was one of those days. You know the type. Everything is going fantastically well. You get a good nights sleep, the baby wakes up in a fantastic mood. You have a great time during the morning. Nap occurs on time, and goes very well. Lunch comes, you try a new food (peas today) and the baby loves it - smiles all round! You go shopping, and the baby spends the entire time cooing and babbling at you. Afternoon nap comes around and its a bit short, but the baby still wakes up in a good mood. You go for a walk and enjoy the fabulous weather. This is the kind of day you imagine before you become a parent, where the weather is always good and you are the perfect parent to the perfect child. And then...

And then... it all goes to hell in the proverbial handbasket. Out of nowhere, the baby starts crying for no reason. Crying turns into all out sobs. The last hour of the day is pure torture. Before you know it, your baby is having a complete meltdown, and you have no idea where it came from. You hug, you kiss, you cuddle, you try to soothe away the tears. Finally, you resort to rocking the baby to sleep, her lovey-bunny clutched tightly to her chest.

And then you look forward to tomorrow.

Peas mum, peas mum!



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