Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good times

This weekend was what long weekends are all about: Time at the lakeside house. Very happy babies, becoming friends. Swimming in the lake. Rides on the carousel. Babies tucked into bed, monitors on, parents playing board games. Great friends, and lots of laughter.

As my brain is still on vacation, verbal blogging will resume tomorrow. In the interim I give you the pictorial
highlights of the weekend.

Swimming, lots of swimming:

Excuse me sir, but I'll take that pina colada now...

Peanut's good friend 'zilla.

Wrinkly toes!

Lady A, who looks totally amazing (although she will totally deny it) as she awaits her first baby, and a brand new friend for the Peanut and 'zilla. We are totally excited!

The happy parents to be...

A triptych to a budding friendship:

The great carousel ride:

Even the dog chilled out...

I'm waiting for my agent to call... Hollywood baby!

And this? This was the best part:


Alison said...

Hey, you got some great pics! Here's to more weekends like that in the future. We could all take a page from puppy's book and do some more chillin'!

kgirl said...

awesome pictures - your babe is adorable, the dog is hilarious, and your preggie friend looks beautiful. glad you had a good time.

Jennifer said...

I need to go back to the beach! I don't get there very often anymore. When I lived in Michigan, I could have gone to Lake Michigan on a whim and been there in 45 minutes. In Virginia, lakes and water aren't as plentiful. The Blue Ridge Mountains are gorgeous, don't get me wrong - they just aren't as refreshing as a jump in a lake on a "Good Morning, Vietnam!" kind of day.


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