Tuesday, August 21, 2007

LHBC selection #2

Over at the Literate Housewives' Book Club (started by Jennifer of 52 Books or Bust) we've just wrapped up discussion on our first title. While the book wasn't fantastic (in fact, was enraging to most), the discussion was lively and interesting.

Our next selection has been chosen, and I'm pleased to announce that we will be reading one of the New York Times Book Review's best books of the year:

The Emperor's Children by Claire Messaud

From Publisher's Weekly:
Marina Thwaite, Danielle Minkoff and Julian Clarke were buddies at Brown, certain that they would soon do something important in the world. But as all near 30, Danielle is struggling as a TV documentary maker, and Julius is barely surviving financially as a freelance critic. Marina, the startlingly beautiful daughter of celebrated social activist, journalist and hob-nobber Murray Thwaite, is living with her parents on the Upper West Side, unable to finish her book titled The Emperor's Children Have No Clothes (on how changing fashions in children's clothes mirror changes in society). Two arrivals upset the group stasis: Ludovic, a fiercely ambitious Aussie who woos Marina to gain entrée into society (meanwhile planning to destroy Murray's reputation), and Murray's nephew, Frederick "Bootie" Tubb, an immature, idealistic college dropout and autodidact who is determined to live the life of a New York intellectual. The group orbits around the post September 11 city with disconcerting entitlement and around Murray, who is, in a sense, the emperor. Messud, in her fourth novel, remains wickedly observant of pretensions intellectual, sexual, class and gender. Her writing is so fluid, and her plot so cleverly constructed, that events seem inevitable, yet the narrative is ultimately surprising and masterful as a contemporary comedy of manners.

Have I peaked your interest? Whet your appetite? Excellent - my job here is done!

So if you've got time on your hands (ha!), an opinion (ahem!), or perhaps just want to branch out beyond Goodnight Moon with people that speak in full sentences, c'mon over and join us - we'd love to have you. We'll be hanging out over here, and discussion begins on September 10. I can't wait, and hope we'll see some of you there.


metro mama said...

I liked this book:


I'll check out the discussion--thanks for the link!


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