Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh humble computer gods, why hast thou forsaken me?

Did I not toss enough alms at your shiny white stores? Did I not show the proper gratitude to your humble servants geniuses? Did I not listen to, and accept, the word of Jobs? Did I not genuflect daily to the mighty Macbook, symbol of your infinite power and supreme rule?

Why then? Why hast though forsaken me? Where was my guardian angel hero MacGuy when I needed him to step in and save my world from the apocalypse that was about to occur?

A few weeks ago one side of one of the hinges on the Macbook broke, but the Macbook was still functional and was being gently nursed and cajoled by me. Today, though, the Peanut managed to grab the Macbook off a footstool and
hurl it behind her. (It must have been the lentil stew I served her yesterday, because where she got the strength for that I'll never know.)

In seeming slow motion it flew behind her, tilting as it arced towards the ground, where it landed directly on its corner. The corner with the partially broken hinge.

Now a fully broken hinge.

The fully broken hinge, which means that the screen no longer functions. It's just a big, blank white canvas. No pretty apple appears when I turn it on.

I cried a little (although I did hold it together around the Peanut, merely issuing a small squawk when it hit the ground with that ominous thud).

So now I'm stuck using my old Averatec PC laptop to write this, which quite literally gives me third degree burns if I actually try to use it as a laptop and I have to use it with the adapter as the battery dies after 30 seconds, thus, on both counts, completely defeating the purposes of a portable laptop. Seriously. It's only two years old. Averatec - avoid them like the plague as they are the biggest pieces of crap. Don't be wooed by their small forms and sexy low price. It's a con I tell you, a con!

Thus, I am left to mourn my wee Macbook, my faithful friend and companion. Farewell my lovely! My you enjoy your time in the Macven, frolicking with so many who have come before you.

* * *

However, as with most things, a little retail therapy can mend a girl's broken heart and help her mourn the demise of her beloved Macbook. Specifically retail therapy of the literary sort. Yup, I hightailed it down to the local Chapters (sorry Mr Babbler - I broke my "no books until Christmas" promise. It was extenuating circumstances!) and purchased a couple of books for both the Peanut and myself.

For me:

For the Peanut:

I attempted to buy this book for the Peanut:

(the fish at the top are actually beads that you can slide and count along with) only to discover that every single copy in the store was ruined. It was either bent or chewed and while I know that it will get chewed in my house like (although the Peanut doesn't really chew her books anymore), I still prefer not to have it pre-chewed when I pay for it. (As an aside, I love the bookstore. And I love to browse and read a few pages of a book before committing to buying it. But when did the bookstore become a library? Again, seriously! So many of the books in the kids section were destroyed, and I saw one mother just sitting on a chair. Reading all sorts of books to her kids in the store, and leaving them in a pile for someone else to clean up. All right - end of rant.)


Suzanne said...

Gotta love predigested books. I've had to buy a book or two that my kids had somehow damaged during a trip to the bookstore -- I can't imagine just leaving them for an unsuspecting consumer!

crazymumma said...

haha. I remeber finding all those partially eaten books way back in the day.

So sorry to hear about your computer...but um, doesn't that mean early xmas present?

Jennifer said...

I loved "The Thirteenth Tale"!

Mad Hatter said...

It's funny, I sometimes read to Miss M in the bookstore but then I am sooooo anal about putting everything back properly. I am a librarian, after all. Once, I even bought one of those damaged books out of fear that it just might have been my daughter that damanged it. This either says something about my personality or is a larger sad comment on the hours of my local public library.

ewe are here said...

You can't go wrong with Dr Seuss.

And sorry to hear about your laptop... I barely managed to save mine from the baby today... found him trying to pull it off the footstool. shudder

NotSoSage said...

If you make a connection with those gods, do you mind sending them my way once you've had your say?

slouching mom said...

Oh sh*t. When Jack was two, he tripped over my laptop and killed it. Nothing could be recovered.

(Did I mention what a LARGE child he was?)

Sorry that happened!

painted maypole said...

ah... you are bringing back memories of my apple IIc


Aliki2006 said...

I have to confess that I completed the written part of my comps on a computer just like the one in your top photo. And this was in 1999, I just loved that computer, I really did.

Kate said...

oohh, the Thirteenth Tale was one of my favourite reads from last year. Be prepared for some sleepless nights!

bubandpie said...

Uh, I've been that woman before. I DO attempt to put the books back, but when both children are heading in opposite directions, or I have one tucked under one arm while I chase the other ... occasionally a couple of books get left out of place.

Kellan Rhodes said...

I'm sure this was not funny to you - but this post was very funny to me! I loved the "MacGuy" part and the pictures. I'm sorry this happened to your beloved. I also got a kick out of your random question on your profile (lead trains - ha!) - you're funny. I did, however, have to look up a few words you used like "genuflect". For a minute there (in my search) I wasn't even sure this word was in the dictionary I use - then I found it: genuflect: wellborn and well-bred people; the class below the nobelty. Uh, no ... wrong one, sorry: genuflect: to bend or touch one knee to the floor in reverence or worship (that makes more sense). I keep happening on these sites where the authors use words that I, uh, don't use and so I keep my dictionary handy. I like the words (don't get me wrong) I just don't know how to use most of them. I like that you use them though. Like it even better when I can find them in my dictionary. Everytime I see a word I don't recognize, I'm sure I'm not going to find it in my dictionary and then I will be able to say, "They're just making up words," but that hasn't happened yet. I enjoyed your blog - sorry for rambling.

nomotherearth said...

I'm pretty anal about putting the books back. Especially as the Boy has a habit of grabbing 10 of the SAME BOOK off the shelves. Man, you can only read one at time. The Boy also thinks that Chapters is actually "The Thomas Store".. Don't want to know what that says about me. I did buy the Fish book, but find it annoying to shelve because of the fish. I did think they were cool though.

Lovely to meet you in person yesterday!

kittenpie said...

Two things:

1) Yes, time does slow down, doesn't it? I once watched a laptop bounce down hardwood stairs, ricochet off a wall, and slowly spin to a stop. While I shouted, "noooooooooooooooo!"

2) I would love to hear what you think of the Book Thief, if you don't mind dropping me a note when you're done. I was of kind of mixed opinion, so I'm extra curious.


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