Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday tidbits

In lieu of one cohesive post, I offer some tidbits, this Tuesday, September 11.

* * *

Yesterday in the Shoppers Drug Mart I saw perhaps the most awesome statement on aging. I was passing the "family planning" aisle when I stopped dead. There, in the condom section, perusing, deliberating and giving great consideration to the selection, comparing brands and features (ribbed versus bumped), was a woman. A woman who was, no word of a lie, at least 75 years old.

75 years old.

Yes ladies, there is definitely hope for the va-jay-jay and the sex life after (most likely) childbirth and menopause.

You go amazing condom-choosing grandma-chicky. I hope that your selection was the right one, and that the combination of sensitivity-for-him/extra-stimulation-for-her gives you the best, most rocking hot-'n-heavy night between the sheets.

* * *

I haven't written much about my in-laws here. I get along well with my in-laws, even though we are different types of people. They are good people, of the Lions joining, Friday night bridge playing variety. I haven't had a lot in common with them, specifically my mother-in-law. Having the Peanut partially helped to remedy that, and over time my mother-in-law and I have found some common ground and are able to make conversation far better than when Mr Babbler and I first got married (handy, since we've spent an extraordinary amount of time together lately... but that's a whole different post).

However, today in conversation with my mother-in-law I made a horrifying discovery that could just undermine all of our hard-won progress.

I was eagerly telling her all about the upcoming Complete Jane Austen on Masterpiece Theatre, airing starting January 2008, knowing her love of all things PBS/History Channel together with movies that don't use curse words every other sentences (or at all, ahem).

"Isn't she the one that wrote... um..." she replied.
"Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma..." I said.

She wrinkled her nose.

"Oh yes, she's not my type."

The silence was absolute. I had nothing to say to this.
She doesn't like Jane Austen.

Good lord, are we now back at square one?

* * *

Finally, instead of telling you all about my horrible upcoming second-in-a-series-of-four dentist appointments to remedy dental problems stemming from seven long years without visiting a medieval torturer dentist, I'm going to shamelessly promote some good friends work.*

The good guys of Sinking Ship Productions, creators and all-round geniuses behind This is Daniel Cook, This is Emily Yeung, and Roll Play, are back with some two new shows this fall. Please go try to catch and episode (or three, or four...), as these three guys are the type of amazing young talent that we need to support (and keep) in Canada.

Are We There Yet
? is a children's travel and adventure show in the style of This is Daniel Cook. The unscripted show follows a pair of real-life siblings as they travel, explore and meet new people in some pretty far-flung parts of the world (Germany, India, Mexico are just some of the places that they visit). It's airing on Discovery Kids Canada and Treehouse. It also has a pretty awesome interactive website for kids. I think it's a fantastic way for kids to learn about other cultures through the eyes of children their own age.

From Are We There Yet?

TreehouseTV (10 minute episodes):
Mon, Wed, Fri - 5:50 PM, 7:55 PM
Tue, Thu - 7:55 PM
Sat, Sun - 4:30 PM

Discovery Kids Canada (30 minute episodes):
Sat - 10:30 AM

Also new is The Jungle Room, a program following real children as they learn, interact and face new experiences in their daycare (aka The Jungle Room).

From the description of the program:

The Jungle Room is a validation of their world of first times, big emotions, new friendships, instant tears and endless play.

While this might sound hokey, or exploitative, let me tell you it's most definitely not. It's a sensitive show that can be a useful tool for children about to head off to their own first day of daycare or preschool.

From The Jungle Room.

TVOntario (6 minute episodes):
Tue, Thu - 6:44 AM, 1:43 PM
Wed - 6:44 AM, 1:44 PM

Also airing on SCN, Access TV and Knowledge Network.

* Full disclosure: I've been friends and have helped out/worked with these guys since close to day one. I may be just a little bit biased, but I think it's totally justified. :)

* * *

While there are many others that can do a far better job than I at offering a tribute on this day, I want to briefly remember those whose lives were forever changed that day six years ago. May those that passed away live on through the memories of their friends, their husbands and wives, the children, their families, and the random strangers who came to their stories after they were already gone.


bubandpie said...

I blogged about my love for Daniel Cook quite some time ago ... so cool that you know the geniuses themselves!

nomotherearth said...

Those two shows are actually ones I want to check out.

What have I come to that I'm adding children's shows to my "must see fall line up"?


my minivan is faster than yours said...

Thanks for the tips. I will definitley be adding these shows to our DVR. Thanks!

metro mama said...

Doesn't like Jane Austen!!! That's a deal-breaker.


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