Monday, October 15, 2007

Action and inadequacy - Blog Action Day

I'm a little stunned today. There have been so many excellent posts today, and I am in awe.

And I feel, well...


I want, so desperately, to do more for the environment, but sometimes it's so difficult.

We're trying. We're made the little changes.
  • We've purchased the reusable bags - and I'm trying to remember to bring them with me when I shop.
  • We own only one car, and it has fantastic fuel efficiency.
  • Mr Babbler takes public transit to work every day.
  • We have switched almost every light bulb in our house over to high efficiency compact fluorescents bulbs.
  • We are buying in larger quantities to cut down on packaging.
  • I have cut down significantly on the number of magazines I purchase. (I can't, however, seem to break the book purchase habit.)
But, but, but. These are all such minor things. They are so inadequate, in the grand scheme of things. It's not nearly enough.
  • We still use bottles. The bad ones.
  • We still use household cleaners. Not the good ones. But oh how I love the smell of Windex.
  • We have computers that are left on far too frequently.
  • We use a dryer instead of line drying.
  • We buy packaged foods.
  • We produce (far) too much garbage (see above).
And the list goes on...

We have so much more to do. Here in the Babbler house we're going to try. We have to try. We will slough off the weight of laziness and rouse ourself from our torpor, and make some changes. Because at the end of the day, no less than the fate of the world and the future of humanity rests on it, really.


Kellan said...

We produce far too much garbage too and I don't think I can ever give up packaged foods. We all do what we can - we just need to keep talking about it and doing a little bit more each day.

painted maypole said...

these posts are great because they give me lots of ideas on how to do more

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Hey! Thanks for the link. And you do a lot!! More then so many people

It's a process, not a destination. You have to make your choice and determine your priorities. One car will make a huge difference, and if you need those books and magazines, then enjoy them. It's okay!

It's all about moderation! And educated choices!!

Aliki2006 said...

I am amazed at all the posts as well--and feeling bad that I didn't write one. But we're trying, too, to do our part.

Lisa b said...

I think transit is a big contribution. my banker does it too.

I just bought the method equivalent of windex - it might sell you.
also the eco brand they sell in the health section and loblaws, I used to buy it years ago at health food stores, is shockingly good. it has orange oil or something and it actually gets soap scum off w is fantastic bc usually bathroom cleaners are so stinky.

Don Mills Diva said...

Naomi's right about the whole thing becing a process. A few years ago I don't think most of us gave these things much (real)thought. Now almost everyone is making small changes that will ultimately add up to big changes.

jen said...

thank you. and it all adds up. it must.

KC said...

I need to do more too, way more. It's a great reminder, these posts, though.

ewe are here said...

We're trying to do more as well... it's a start.


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