Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Help a girl out (please?)

Here I am, two days into the "post a day" challenge, and I've got nothing.


That would be due to the overwhelming sickness that overtook me in the middle of the night. No warning, just suddenly a bout of wicked flu-like symptoms. I'm going to blame it on the birthday party at the petri dish they call Gymboree, but at least it was me that got sick and not the Peanut. Mr Babbler ended up staying home with the Peanut today, as I was completely incapacitated.

So, I ask you humble readers, help a girl out. Leave a comment and tell me a joke, an amusing anecdote, a good new book that you've read, an excellent album, something funny you overheard on the transit - anything to take my mind off the nausea (oh the overwhelming nausea!)

I promise I'll be back with something, anything, as soon as I kick whatever this is that's taken me down.


NotSoSage said...

Oh crap. I've got nothing. But you can go look at my latest post...and you can feel better soon, I hope.

Beck said...

Something funny, eh? I dunno - I spent last night copying bad kids' jokes onto file cards to tuck into The Girl's lunchbox and it feels like it sucked every iota of humour out of me.
Get better!

DaniGirl said...

Not sure if this is good news for you or not, but NaBloPoMo doesn't officially start until *next* month... that's kind of funny, no?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Lisa b said...

and now I de-lurk here. Nice macbook - my hus bought me the same one!
I can tell already we are soulmates.
write about mice?
s'all I got.

bubandpie said...

Hey - it's de-lurking day too, so that's one more reason for people to answer your cry for help.

I already recommended Atonement on my blog ... finish reading it so we can discuss (Julie has some very interesting theories about the ending).

Kellan Rhodes said...

I recommed reading other blogs and stealing their post idea (todays or a previous one) - everytime I read other sites, I get an idea about a story I can relate to in my life. I kind of did that today on my post - I stole the comment I left on another site. Not funny - but very sneaky!

motherbumper said...

And here I go scaring you with a clown - sorry 'bout that.

If it makes you feel any better (which it won't) - I'm sick too. Did I lick you on Sunday?

kittenpie said...

Bah, I'm all sick, too. Maybe a few posts about plagues through history... a favourite topic of mine on any given day.


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