Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear Wal-Mart mom

Dear Wal-Mart Mom,

At first I couldn't hear your children in the store. They seemed to be well-behaved kids.

I could, however, hear you screeching and yelling at your kids from two aisles over.

You swung into my aisle, barking at your son to do up his jacket. It was hot in the store, hot enough that I had taken Peanut's jacket off. You had your jacket wide open. Yet you yelled, repeatedly at your son to do his jacket up.

But mommy, he said quietly, I'm hot. Why do I have to do my jacket up?

Because I said so! you bellowed. Do. It. UP. NOW!, each word becoming progressively louder, as you swung your cart around the aisle, others moving their carts quickly out of the way.

Your daughter, a quiet little girl sitting in the cart seat whispered, mummy shouldn't we say excuse me? You merely grunted in response, and continued your tirade against your son. Your son, following behind, struggling to zip up his heavy winter jacket, his shoulders slumped dejectedly.

I wanted to say something to you, but sensed it would only make the situation worse. I really hope that this was an anomaly, but I sensed it wasn't. If you need help, I really hope you get it. I hope that at some point very soon you can step back, and see the effect of your angry, irrational words and behaviour have on your children - how it demoralizes them, embarrasses them, hurts them. If not, I'd be happy to share some first-hand experiences with you.

Sincerely (hopefully, wishfully, wistfully, carefully),
The lady in the toothpaste aisle, sending sympathetic looks at your children.


painted maypole said...

it's so hard to witness that, isn't it?

jen said...

i hate this. the forlorn children, the helplessness.

flutter said...

oh that kills me.

Lisa b said...

so sad.

Suz said...

Poor little guys...I'm so sorry.

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Oh, it so kills me when this sort of thing happens. Those poor, poor children.

Suzanne said...

That kind of thing is so hard to witness. I'm so tempted to say something, but, like you, think that doing so might make matters worse. Those poor kids.

Nap Warden said...

So sad. It is hard to get people to take a step back and see how their behavior affects everyone around them. Poor kiddos:(

slouching mom said...

How awful. And yet too common.

the new girl said...

Sad, sad and sickening.


Denguy said...

I like that you are hopeful, perhaps this woman has had a bad day.
I've been like that most of the week. I feel terrible and I can't seem to stop.

crazymumma said...

Damn. i always feel sorry for those kids. But in truth I have blasted my poor little ones from time to time. Ach. And I have hated myself for it.

I usually wonder if the parent freaking out was having a particularily bad day. If their partner was bad to them. If they can't make the rent.

But still. as adults. we should be better.

Anonymous said...

Well-said. Wow.


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