Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello? Still out there?

Hmm, are you still out there? I've been dreadfully remiss in my posting and visiting lately, I know. Apologies accepted? I am still here, though. A little battered, but still here. As my computer has been away, I've been making do with a computer that overheats after 10 minutes, and you must type one-handed to hold the wonky power adapter in place. Good times. But here I am, and I have so many things to tell you all (Christmas wrap-up, Peanut's most recent assessment, my potential new career as a car thief, my resolution to drop the potty language and more!), and so little time (9 minutes and counting) to tell them in.

So, an update on the
data recovery situation. I found out today that they cannot recover my iPhoto library. I've been on the edge of hope and anticipation for the last week, and today found out the worst. Nothing is recoverable. My last backup of the library was the end of September, meaning that all the photos from her birthday parties, from her first Halloween, from her family trip to the zoo and the pumpkin patch are all gone. I have only the few photos I posted here to savor. I am quite heartbroken about this, perhaps more so than is warranted as I would guess most of my friends would not see me as an overly sentimental person, but there you have it. My tears won't bring them back. My only saving grace was that we hadn't yet pulled the photos off the camera cards from Christmas. There, I've looked at it in a more optimistic light. Might I recommend that you all go and backup your files - say, right now? Thank you for all your kind comments and e-mails, and the recommendations and support. I've really appreciated it during this patch of darkness. I'm sure somewhere in this is a commentary about really taking the time to lock those moments in your mind, because that may be the only way you can look back on them.

Okay, enough said on the topic of the computer and the photos and my dreariness. Over and done with, and on to some other news that has been keeping me away. We've bought a new house! Yes, we're making the leap and moving to a suburb outside the city. I have lots to say about this (urbanism versus suburbanism, making choices for our children and parents, school districts, etc etc), but the clock is ticking (5 minutes and counting). Here are a few highlights though: the house is
much larger than our current house, giving Peanut a lot more room to run and enjoy herself (as opposed to the 40 square feet or so she has now), is a detached versus a semi-detached, and has all those fancy features of modern homes like more than one toilet for the entire family, proper insulation and a garage! It will put us 5 minutes away from two sets of our closest friends and their children, each of whom is within a year of Peanut's age. We love the new neighbourhood as it is a newer development that is modeled on urban living. Anyhow, there are many positives and a few negatives, all of which I'll save for a later post with a fully functioning computer. Now we just have to finish all those left-over renovations off and pack away a tonne of crap, all so we can put our house up on the market in the new two weeks. Gak!

I think I'm down to 2 minutes, so I'll leave you with this. Sometime ago I wrote a post about peeing in public. Yesterday I got my first completely random anonymous commenter, who made much of the fact that I was being judgmental. (Incidentally, I did a bit of soul searching to decide if I was being judgmental and I still stand by my original assertion - peeing in the middle of a parking lot is not cool). A quick peek though to see where they cruised on over from revealed that it came from the google search term "death letter I pee". I'm sure that my blog probably did not reveal any answers to his or her burning question (did they receive a death letter and pee themselves? Do they want to write a death letter in pee? Oh, the questions this raises.) And yet they stopped to comment on a post that probably was not relevant for them at all. I'm not sure if this is commitment or if they should be committed. Hmm...

Okay, the computer is really hot now, and I probably have only moments before it shuts down again. By the end of the week I should be back up and running, and resume my visits (google reader tells me I have over 900 unread items. Oh dear, where to begin?) and my comments. I'll be back to posting on a fairly regular basis, barring the packing and renovating and selling of the house, of course.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Recommendations anyone?

So... can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced, data recovery company?

Yup, the Macbook harddrive is dead. Apple will not do data recovery, so I must first pay to have data recovered (if I can afford it, I've heard quotes up to $3,500 at this point) and only then can I get the computer repaired.

My last backup was in September. Peanut's birthday was in October. See where this is going?

I feel angry and upset and stupid and guilty. I know how to backup (but really, who figures a three-month-old computer that rarely leaves the house is going to check out this soon? Seriously!) I have cried very hard today.

I don't have a lot of photos or mementos of my childhood. In losing these photos I feel more upset than it probably warrants, but it hurts me deep down. I want that data back. I want those memories back. Mr Babbler gave me a Kitchen Aid artisan mixer for Christmas and I have offered to return it and use the money towards the data recovery. I will forgo book purchases for the next year. It means that much to me.

So if anyone has any experience with good data recovery at a reasonable price, I'm open to suggestions. (I'm looking at the Canadian company ReStoring Data Inc. Anyone have a review?)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We interrupt this planned post...

To announce that my beloved Macbook...

My new Macbook...

My three-month-old Macbook...

Died today. The harddrive, spinning uselessly, went all retro on me, with the tap tap ba-bing! sound of a manual typewriter. There was fruitless re-booting, some prayers tossed to the saints of unbacked-up data, and some an abundance of cursing.

Happy Fucking New Year.

(as you were....)

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