Sunday, February 24, 2008

Now! With social life! (And a shocking event!)

Last night I had the fantastic opportunity to meet (or become reacquainted with) many of the bloggers who I've long since read and admired.* A Peanut-free night (the first in many, many months), the TTC was traveled (in fine company, I might add), alcohol was imbibed, there was terrific discussion, many laughs and some racy photos taken. The evening ended with a slightly inebriated cab ride home.

I had a ridiculously good time, and was completely tickled to talk to so many people I felt like I already knew, people who were warm and welcoming and just as real as on their online space. Oddly, I was so excited and nervous to be meeting people in person, it never once occurred to me that the reverse might also be true, and that people could possibly be curious about me.

* * *

Today we went for lunch with good friends. Six adults, two toddlers and one wee baby descended upon the family-friendly Boston Pizza in Markham. At the end of the lunch, the toddlers (Peanut, and her good friend Baby 'Zilla) were allowed to walk around the restaurant where I made a startling discovery.

A family was eating in a booth on the other side of the restaurant. A mother, father, toddler and baby. When we walked passed I was shocked and astounded to see a little baby penis! Out, in plain view! In the middle of the restaurant!

The mother was changing her baby's diaper on the booth seat. In the middle of the restaurant.

Let me say that again.


(Now, just to cover the bases. Boston Pizza is an incredibly family-friendly restaurant. There are changing tables in both the men's and the women's restrooms. The mother had her husband there, so was not in danger of leaving a toddler unattended.)


Now, discuss amongst yourselves.

* I apologize if there is anyone I missed!


slouching mom said...


Now I'm good and jealous!

Sounds like so much fun; glad you got to go.

Eww on the diaper. Just eww.

flutter said...

Y'all are so lucky to have been able to hang out.

Now, um. The baby thing? Ew. That is so freakin foul.

Lisa b said...

I would change a wet diaper in a booth. I think I have. I know it has been done in my presence. Not poopy, just wet. Clearly my friends and I are uncouth.

I'm still totally on a high from last night. I am always astounded by how much I love this group of women. I wish I could have stayed longer.

Denguy said...

It was nice to meet you, too. (Although, I thought you'd be shorter.)

Yes, diaper + table = wrong.

I had a guest at my house who decided to change their baby on my dining room table. They didn't use a pad or blanket. Really gross--not to mention rather uncomfortable for the baby.

Don Mills Diva said...

Changing diapers on restaurant tables is not cool - it's just not - people eat there!

I'm so mad I couldn't make it last night - next time for sure.

Urban Daddy said...

It was great to meet you too and now, to read your blog... very funny... Or at least this post is. LOL.

I too have changed a wet diaper in a booth but never on the table, that is tacky. I have, however, changed a diaper on the seat, but I try to shelter the kid so that no one comes by and notices. :) ahem

nomotherearth said...

It was so nice to see you again!

I would probably change the diaper at the table if there was no change table available in the restaurant. If there was, I would go to the bathroom, even if I was the only parent. I would just bring the other kid with me.

metro mama said...

It was so nice to meet you finally. I had such a good time.

I wouldn't change it at the table.

sandra said...

So great to meet you - I only wish we'd had more time to chat :)

Diapers and restaurant tables ... ew.

crazymumma said...

That was the best slurry cab ride evAH!

Um. Iv'e done it. Changed my kid on the seat of a banquet. Not on the table. Just saying I've done it.

slinking away now...

cinnamon gurl said...

I think I might have done it too but in the booth not on the table. But only wet diapers never poopy. I've definitely changed diapers in parks.

Wish I could have made it... sounds like a blast!

motherbumper said...

Now if that wasn't' a health code violation, I don't know what would qualify as one. Yuck.

And I'm so jealous that I missed the party, next time, NEXT TIME I SWEAR.

Anonymous said...

So, what kind of pizza is "Boston" pizza? Because Boston? Not so much known for their pizza.

I'm with the "I've changed a wet diaper in a booth, but it's not like I'd brag about it" group. Trying to wrack my brain why I would have done it, and I'm sure the restrooms must have been horrible.

so envious of your blogger night out.

kittenpie said...

So good to meet you too! I looove blogger parties. Can't wait until April...

And I can see maybe on the bench, but definitely not the table. At least butts touch the bench, but FOOD touches the table! And hey - didn't Britney get dissed for this very same thing some time last year?

mamatulip said...

It was really cool to meet you, though I wish we had more of a chance to talk. Next time, for sure.

Okay, you're probably going to hate me for this, but I have changed a wet diaper in a booth at a restaurant before. It was actually at a Boston Pizza and the ONLY reason why I changed her diaper there (she was a wee wee babe) was because there was nowhere to change her. No change table, nothing. I was shocked, and pissed, so I changed her there on the booth's bench. For the record, I did wipe down the seat after I changed her, even though I used a change pad.

Amy U. said...

As a server who works in a Boston Pizza restaurant, I'm at a loss for words. Um, yeah, FOOD GOES THERE. Had they no consideration for the next guests who would sit there?

Saturday night WAS fun!


Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Saturday was plenty fun, and hopefully we'll get to chat more next time!

As for the diaper, well, if there are change tables, I'd use them, but on the occasions when there are none, the bench would be preferable to the bathroom floor. I guess.

Beck said...

Ew! That mom was just gross.
And I am so jealous! I'm very skittish at the idea of ever meeting any blog people because I think that I am quite lame in person - but you guys all sound like you had SO much fun.

Suz said...

That is disgusting. Really, I would have gotten the manager.

I would have.

But I also have a very low tolerance for those things, despite having two hear old twins.

ewe are here said...

I'm green over your blogger get together... green!

As for the changing of the babe, well, at least it was on the seat and not the table... but still, they should have used the changing tables since they had them. Especially since they had a parent there for each wee one.

NotSoSage said...

You guys had such a great night, I wish I'd been feeling better. I'm doing the walk of shame with others who have changed their baby on the seat in a booth before...but only ever because the choice was usually that or the bathroom floor.


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