Monday, March 3, 2008

Truth spoken here

I've always been the person who tries to find the equilibrium in every situation.

As a child, I tried to smooth over the rough patches amongst the angry members of my family. I soothed hurt feelings, tried to stop the yelling.

As a teenager, I would often just opt out of groups or friendships that required the careful negotiation of catty comments, cutting remarks.

And as an adult I still attempt to tread calm waters. My ability to tell the truth in its purest form, devoid of the social niceties and smoothing over of the harsh realities that are expected, has been suppressed, eaten up by my fear of saying the wrong thing.
In short, I don't stir the pot often, even when I really should. This extended to when my daughter was born and spent three weeks in the NICU. Parts of her birth experience and parts of her stay in the NICU were, in a word, unacceptable. Did I complain? Did I say something - anything - to change the status quo? I did not. My fear, fear of the social consequences, fear of the powerful, and fear of the consequences for my daughter while she was in their care stopped me. Later it felt too late.

But there is someone far braver than me. Someone who is standing up for what's right and changing the status quo. She's challenging conventional wisdom and fighting back against the doctors, the nurses. She takes the ridiculous commentary that unthinking people all-too-often have and instead of mmm-ing politely while inwardly seething, she refutes it. While she may argue that she rants or lets out the crazy, with every post she tells the truth and has the strength and courage to put words to what lives in mine (and from her comments) many other's heads. For that she has my eternal respect.

When you have a child in the NICU or a special needs child, there are many platitudes that come flying at you. Parents in the same situation share their "favorites", grimace and snicker amongst themselves. In her post Next Time I'm Taking The Train, Lisa B of Making Other Plans took an all-too-familiar platitude and ripped it apart. It was a post that was smart and left me breathless. For this, I award her a Perfect Post.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 02.08

Kudos to you Lisa, you deserve it!

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crazymumma said...


I just did not take.

Lisa b said...

Aww thanks.
While I feel a little flustered at being painted as 'brave' I do hope that this, as all of what we share here, strengthens all of us.

Want to make a difference? If you give to Sick Kids give to the Sasha Bella Fund.

flutter said...

this was a wonderful choice

ewe are here said...

Brilliant choice.

kittenpie said...

She really does deserve that and more. She's quite the lady, Lisa is.

Bea said...

Oh, I'm so glad you nominated that one! I've gotten lazy about the PPs lately, but that one needs to be recognized.

kgirl said...

Great choice. Lisa is feisty and funny and has navigated tough waters with more strength and grace than most people could.

Sandra said...

Clearly waaaaaaaaay behind in my blog reading. Because, well, I suck.

This was one of my favourite posts written by another blogger ever. Perfect choice!

Aliki2006 said...

Yes, this post was just awesome, it really was. I printed it out for myself, I loved it so much.


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