Sunday, April 20, 2008

Moments ago - an actual conversation

Mr Babbler - This house has air conditioning, right?
Me - I think so. I'm sure it does. Wait a minute. It does have air conditioning, right? It must. I'm sure it does.
Mr Babbler - It must, but I haven't ever seen the unit. It would have to be down the other side of the house.*
Me - Really, we couldn't have been that stupid, right? We didn't buy this house without checking to make sure that it had air conditioning?!

[Panicky moment of finding the listing sheet.]

Me - The listing says it has air conditioning. Perhaps I'd better go and check though.

[I leave the house and head to the front yard where I stuff my head under my neighbour's fence.]

Me - Yes, we have an air conditioner sighting.

Hmm... thank goodness this appears to be one time where stupidity was rewarded.

*This does make sense as our house has a strange layout. Because of the way our garage attaches to our house at the back, the two feet that belong to our property on the the side of the house with the garage are in the neighbour's yard. Those two feet would be useless to us as it would be a strip of land that we would never use because it would be a brick wall from one end of the house to the other and wouldn't be accessible from the rest of the yard. In exchange, we get the extra two feet from our neighbours on the other side. If that makes any sense.


kittenpie said...

lucky you - we are planning to get us summa dat in June, hopefully!

And that IS confusing about the weird little property thingummy - I would have thought you'd only find that in old left-over-from-long-ago arrangements and that they'd avoid stuff like that in building newer homes so there aren't legal issues later. Seeing as people aren't always reasonable and all.

nomotherearth said...

Thank god! No one wants a house without air conditioning. No one. I don't like AC all that much, and I still appreciate that we have for the gross days.

Lisa b said...

I can't follow the story but AM SO GLAD you have ac. I know it is terrible for the planet but I would die without it.

Beck said...

We have one air conditioner and it's small, which means that when it's horrible in the summer, everyone sleeps in our room. Joy.

crazymumma said...

classic new home moment. I'm coming to your place come summer. We don't have air conditioning!


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