Monday, May 19, 2008


Trying to find the words - the words that will bring me back here.

I'm not sure why this silence has descended upon me, but I'm having a hard time finding the words that will bring me back here. I have countless unfinished posts, including several book reviews that I've committed to writing, and yet I can't seem to find the words to finish any of them. There is so much to tell - about the new house and about Peanut (who has changed so much, so quickly, so whenthehelldidTHAThappen).

But perhaps this, this (relatively) wordless post with these pictures, will be a start. Peanut, in all her sudden little girl-ness, in the beauty that is this spring, after a long and cold winter.

Walking on her own to the park.

The budding artist.

A beautiful friendship.


A stolen apple - her first - munched on for well over an hour.

My own little ray of sunshine.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring!

Babies, that is. Yup, around this grand ol' blogosphere there's something in the water, and we're all celebrating. Some of the grand-dames of the blogging world, Her Bad Mother, Mrs. Chicky and Mrs. Chicken to be specific, are expanding their broods and looking for all the advice/assvice they can get.

Some terrific ladies have arranged a shower - a virtual one, that is - with donations! And prizes! And lots and lots of terrific advice/assvice! 

To wit, I offer a formula, guaranteed to save hours of your time otherwise spent sterilizing, washing sippys and bottles, and running to the cupboard for more fishy crackers:

5 second rule x 2 kids* = 10 second rule.

* for your own personalized calculation, multiply by the number of children. Husbands and partners can be included where applicable.

Ok, but seriously? Follow your instincts - you know what's best. And wherever possible try to check the guilt at the door. I know, easier said than done. Yes, the first baby might not get as much attention now, but you are giving them a sibling and a whole new range of experiences. And the second child? They might not get as much attention as the first, but the attention that they do get comes from a more experienced, wiser, more laid back mommy. (And that checking the guilt at the door thing extends to the blogging world too... we're all here, pressure-free, when you're ready, and when you need us.)

Here's to all your lovely babies, to the amazing older-siblings-to-be, to the partners and to the stories to come. Best of luck ladies!


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