Monday, June 9, 2008


Two gripes, both from today (yes, it's been one of those Mondays). No, this is not the normal tone I take on this blog. Both will involve a substantial amount of cursing, for which I (sort of, kind of... ok, hardly at all) apologize. The bitch has come out to play today. Consider yourself warned.

Gripe the first.

To the asshole who has stolen and attempted to use my bank card number TWICE, would you mind just fucking off? Seriously, find yourself a really nice bathtub, fill it with some nice warm water, perhaps a touch of bubble bath for ambiance, and then grab the closest plugged in electric appliance and ride that lightening bolt right on out of my life. Once was annoying and a bit of a life lesson in changing my PIN number and using my bank card only at reputable stores. But twice though? Really? Really? Don't you have something better to do? Like hide in your parents' basement and thumb through some old dirty magazines, filthy sweatpants barely covering your paunch, grease-stained freebie D&D t-shirt sticking to your clammy underarms? Surely that is more gratifying.

I don't appreciate your attempt to steal several thousands of my hard earned dollars. Trust me, I can find lots of places to waste that money, and handing it over to you to buy the latest Playstation 3 game or stereo for your car or weed for you to smoke up is not really in the plans (although perhaps I'd consider parting with a bit of it, if you asked really nicely, for you to update your sweatpants and freebie t-shirt). Quite frankly, I'd rather use those $100 bills to wipe my daughter's ass. 

Also not appreciated? The looks I get when I'm in a store where I inevitably find out that my bank card is no longer working, the colour welling up in my cheeks as I stammer that yes, I do I have money in that account, really I'm not some useless deadbeat mother who has to use her credit card to buy her daughter some $3 wipes. Seeing the mixed look of pity and exasperation from the cashier, a story that I'm sure they've heard many times before. 

Perhaps I should see the silver lining in this dark cloud? Perhaps I should thank you for the bonding time I got to spend with my daughter as we made a massive detour to the bank to discover the problem and have my bank card replaced. We had a terrific time as she whined and screamed, trapped in her stroller, while the teller kept wandering off while supposedly dealing with my transaction. I'm sure Peanut appreciated those special moments together as much as I did. All it cost me was some of our precious time in day packed with errands, a portion of my sanity and the $10 for McDonalds that my daughter roundly deserved after being hauled all over town to sort out the problem you created. 

So yeah, thanks. By the way, if ever we should meet? I drive a black RAV-4. I'd advise you to run.

Gripe the second.

To the aggregate blog owner who just grabbed my latest post (a book review) and jammed it up on your website - the website on which you sell advertising - screw you. I know that you only got the first few lines, since I don't allow feeds to pick up my entire post. And yes, you both link back to me and reference who posted it, but bugger off. Stealing is still stealing. That part up above, that references the bank card thief and where I'd rather spend my hard earned dollars? That applies to you too, jerk. If my writing is going to earn money, I'd like to both earn and spend it myself. Now be a good little thief and go remove me from your RSS feed. 

(And no, I'm not going to link to it here. That only gives him or her - they don't even have the balls to identify themself - more page views.)

Anyone have gripes of their own they want to vent, anonymously or otherwise? 


SciFi Dad said...

See? I told you that you should have joined us at the Festival this weekend.


E-fraud is no fun. Some idiot stole my CC info through Paypal a few years back... then used it to pay off his own cable bill. Cops didn't have a hard time finding him!

crazymumma said...

You and I need to talk about RSS Feeds as I no not what they are and I am paranoid.

And hon. School is over soon and you can come sit in my yard while I ply you with vodka and sodas. very soon my sweet.

nomotherearth said...

Suckity suck. Some people are jerks. And yet, it never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who will do such awful things. I'm sorry.

And, how do you not allow people to pick up the full feed...?

slouching mom said...

Damn. The suckitude.

My Monday sucked too, not because of fraud, or theft, but because our air conditioning is broken, and it was 95 degrees outside -- and in.

And I griped on the blog. BIG TIME.

We're here, listening, whatever tone you take.

kgirl said...

I'm totally pissed at bloglines because I can not truncate my feeds because they have been in 'substantiating' or whatever mode for months now. You have a right to be right pissed.

motherbumper said...

If I had a day like that, I'd be very stabby. REALLY STABBY.

Bea said...

The word "attempted" at the beginning of this post made me think the thief didn't actually manage to get a hold of any of your funds, but the declined card at the end made me unsure. Did he actually get away with all your money? Does the bank cover those losses?

mamatulip said...

I had something similar happen with my bank card many years ago and it is truly awful. I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry that you had content swiped. That happened to me a while ago and it was enough to make me quit for a while. I now only publish partial feeds and I have lost readers over that, but frankly, I don't care. This is exactly why I don't put out full feeds.

Lisa b said...

I;ve always got something to complain about but this list just has me slackjawed.

caramama said...

That sucks and sucks! I hope that they all get what they deserve.


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