Friday, July 4, 2008

Obsession. Voraciousness. Gluttony.

It is an all-consuming obsession, and I am voracious. A veritable glutton. An addict.

I am insatiable, unable to consume the words fast enough. My eyes race along the pages, eagerly devouring the story. If it were possible to become obese on literature, you would find me, confined to a bed, the weight of stories trapped in my head making it impossible to leave the room, able only to lift the book (another book) to my face. Fueling my obsession.

Right now, I am surrounded by books. Good books, mediocre books, terrible books waiting for their spines to be cracked, their pages turned, their secrets to be discovered. They are lined up on shelves, stacked on end tables, piled next to the bed. I cannot pass a display in a store without leaving with some new treasure, to be tucked away. (Budgets are weighed briefly in my head, along with the possibility of slipping it onto the shelf, unnoticed.) 

They tempt me at every waking moment, and at every opportunity I am an addict getting her fix. I grab the closest book, if only to snatch a paragraph or two before returning to a job at hand. The story echoes in my head as I move through the routine that is our days - play time, diaper changes, mealtimes, trips to the park. House cleaning has fallen by the wayside - nap times are better spent satisfying the endless craving. Evenings find me burrowed on the couch, tearing through the pages once again. 

I finish a book. I ponder writing down my thoughts but cannot bring myself to put pen to paper (hands to keyboard) and instead pause only briefly before grabbing another, already tempted by what is hidden within. Vacations and trips away are carefully plotted. Books are lined up and their relative merits (good story, weight and heft, sequence in a series, genre) compared before whittling it down to the three, or four, or five that make the final cut (before the just in case book is hastily stuffed in the bag on the way out the door). 

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

I'll let you know. I just have to finish this book first.

* * *

Written for Anne, who has kicked my butt and urged me to write something, anything. And as a bit of an explanation and apology, for being so lax in both my writing and my visiting lately. So what are your current obsessions?


crazymumma said...

Thank freaking gawd. You wrote something.

I have missed you awfully.

My current obsession is being completely self involved with my mental health. Or lack thereof.

metro mama said...

I much prefer reading books to writing about them!

Bea said...

Um, what books are you reading? It's rare for me to find a truly addictive book anymore. The Time Traveller's Wife was really absorbing; the Twilight series swallowed me whole for about a week; Atonement and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time were amazing. Most books, though, I find easy to save for a chapter or two in bed before light's out.

cinnamon gurl said...

I'm with Bea... the kind of book that I can't put down only comes by once in a while.

Other obsessions? New house stuff (flooring issues, paint colours, new furniture needs, etc.)

flutter said...

sheeeeesh I thought you had your fingers lopped off!

caramama said...

You pretty much wrote exactly how I feel. Books are my obsession, too.

nomotherearth said...

Yeahhhh...I KNEW there was a reason we're friends. I'm in the same boat these days - read or blog? I don't have time for both. Let us know what you're reading, at least. My pile is big enough already - what's a few more?

kittenpie said...

WEll, books always, of course, but this week, it's been about chipping plaster and mortar off an old brick wall with a mallet and chisel. We are exposing the brick and the party wall and are a little more than a third done with that. But I am taking a break for a dya or two due to sore hands and a massive blister that ripped open when I kept going the next day...

mamatulip said...

My current obsession is fixing up the house. We just got our living room and dining room painted, a huge job that we paid someone else to do, and we hate the colour.

ewe are here said...

I wish I had more time to read these days; alas, when I do, I usually opt for 'light' because of the constant interuptions.

I used to read all the time!

Adrian said...

Hey, another book maniac! Looks like you are even crazier than I am. Here is my latest post about my own book obsessions:

I'll have to bookmark your list when I come up for air. Looks like you've got some good choices on there.


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