Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten days, twelve days, two weeks

It is time for us to go. Breakfast took longer this Monday morning, sitting down for toast and jam and peanut butter with Nana and Papa, and now we are running late for school. There is madness as we all jostle at the back door, the dog underfoot, eager to be on our way.

Finally, we are zipped, shod, mittened - buffered against the impending cold. We are heading out the door. Papa calls - what? No good bye hug for me? And with that she is running across the kitchen and lifted high into the air. His whiskers tickle her tummy as her jacket rides high up her body. A pretend growl, squeals of delight. Two weeks he says. We'll be back in two weeks.

The phone call comes 12 days later.

From where I sit, I can see us all frozen in the kitchen, in tableau. I sometimes wonder, if only I could go back and correct him. Not two weeks but 10 days, we'll see you in 10 days.

Perhaps he'd still be here?


Baseballmom said...

really beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing.

Mad said...

Oh hon.

Look at the love in his eyes in that picture. Look and the pride and joy in her eyes as she sits on his lap.

I am wrestling big time with my grief today too, having tried to put something into words on SweetSalty's blog about it. Time, distance and death, they pull us apart from those who we love and fill us with sorrow and regret.

Thinking of you.

Mamalooper said...

They look so alike! And the girl is so cute, happy, and relaxed in his lap...

Emma said...

Thinking of you, too

kgirl said...

Sad and beautiful, Elle. That picture is reminiscent of a favourite I have of my dad with M. I love that I have it and hate that that's all I have left.

It helps, just a tiny bit, to 'put it to paper,' doesn't it?


Sandra said...

Love to you dear friend.

kittenpie said...

Ah, the what-ifs are so hard.
I missed the picture, but can see it in my mind's eye a little. I'm glad you have the picture, though, to remember.


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